Advanced Christian Worldview Studies
RS 444

Course Mentor: Akinrinola Bankole

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In almost every field, apologists recognise that "proof" will convince people only when they are already disposed to believe. The deepest human need is emotional, not rational; human hearts must be stirred before our intellects will respond. Thus the "proofs" of God in the end are valuable mostly as adjuncts to the witness of scripture. For that reason, many people, whose faith is already simple, untroubled, and firm, find no use for these proofs. But others are not so fortunate, and for them the proofs are an encouragement to faith, and a stiller of doubts. This course contrasts the Biblical concept of apologetics with various alternative positions, both theistic and non-theistic. This course will insist upon an intellectually humble and reasonable approach to apologetics, opposing the bombastic certainty espoused by some approaches to apologetics. This course will propose an apologetic that accounts for the inadequacies of arguing faith-dependent issues in rationalistic or emperical terms. This course is designed to refine the student's Christian Worldview to engage a humbled perspective of science, religion, culture, and human existence. This course also considers major problem areas such as authority, miracles, evil and evolution and sets forth a basis for Christian apologetic which is theologically and historically sound.

Course Format:  Lessons/Lectures

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