The Christian & Old Testament Theology
OT 509

Course Mentor: Steven M. Mills, D.Min.

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The Old Testament may be the central problem of theology. The problem is this: How do the people of God today relate to the people and teaching of the Old Testament, and how do they apply that teaching to life and ministry? While wrestling with this issue we must ask other important questions, such as, "How does the Old Testament relate to the New?" or "What is the main purpose of the Old Testament?" Stated practically, "What principles of the Old Testament should I be actively obeying?"

This course considers such important questions by examining the foundational theology of the Old Testament as applied to the New Testament and the Church. The course identifies the focal point for the Old and New Testaments, and includes discussions on continuity and discontinuity between the Testaments, saving faith, the people of God, law, worship, atonement, the Kingdom of God, the Messiah, the inclusion of the Gentiles, and the New Covenant. Throughout the course, Dr. Kaiser shows how Old Testament theology is vital to contemporary Christian living.

Course Format:  Lessons/Lectures

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