Group Dynamics
CO 610

Course Mentor: Delores Horsman M.A.

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Group Dynamics: A Christian Perspective, is one of the required courses for students pursuing a degree in counseling with an emphasis in: pastoral care, pastoral counseling, family counseling, domestic violence counseling, substance abuse and addiction counseling, and/or trauma survivor counseling. This course explores the history of the development and growth of groups (an outgrowth of social psychology), the varied kinds of groups, and the process and structure of individual and group behavior as it relates to group dynamics, Christian maturity and ministry. The course will acquaint students, pastors, chaplains, educators, church workers and group facilitators with the theory and research relating to small and large groups; the benefits and detriments of homogeneous groups vs. gender-specific, or problem-specific groups; and the benefits and detriments of democratically governed groups vs., facilitator directed groups. Students will gain insight into a number of different types of groups, including: problem solving groups, decision making groups, recovery groups, support groups, process groups and Christian Growth Groups. Students will learn how to develop, organize and govern groups to optimize the effectiveness of group dynamics for behavioral change and cognitive restructuring.

Course Format:  Textbook Oriented

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Credit:3 credit hours
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