Addiction Counseling
CO 620

Course Mentor: Delores Horsman M.A.

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The course is one of the required courses for students pursuing degrees in counseling with an emphasis in substance abuse and addiction counseling. It is designed to acquaint these students, as well as pastors, chaplains, educators, church workers with the etiology, cultural context, prevailing patterns and outcomes of alcohol and drug abuse, the phenomenon of addiction as an illness of body, mind and spirit, and the resources, treatment approaches, models and methods for helping alcoholics and addicts in their recovery. Particular focus in given to the medical aspects of illnesses and recovery in addiction. The underlying purposes of the course are to: 1) provide students an understanding of the nature and consequences of substance abuse, to the individual abuser as well as society, 2) educate students in the drugs of abuse 3) teach students the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, thereby enabling them to identify substance abusers, 4) teach students how to conduct an assessment and psychosocial evaluation of a substance abuser, 5) teach students how to select the most appropriate treatment approach, setting and modality, 6) train students in effective therapeutic intervention techniques, and 7) increase students' critical thinking, writing skills and report preparation.

Course Format:  Textbook Oriented

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Credit:3 credit hours
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