Curriculum Development in Christian Education
ED 650

Course Mentor: Sara Reichard, Ed.S., R.N.

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This course includes a study of the principles and aims of curriculum development, with an emphasis on selection and creative use of curriculum materials and resources to fulfill the educational task of the church. Students will be presented with various views on the means of knowing God and differing views of Scripture, as well as how each of these views influences development and choice of curriculum. Students will be introduced to the inductive Bible study method, as well as a method of lesson planning known as the HBLT approach. Students will be led through a consideration of how both of these methods can be adapted to teach different age students, including adults, youth, children and pre-schoolers. Students will be presented with Maslow's and Herzberg's research on individual needs, along with an instrument for assessing learner's needs in a classroom setting. Bloom's Taxonomy will be used to motivate a consideration of the aims of a Bible lesson and the methods available to creative Bible teachers. Students will be exposed to common practices of truly great teachers, factors that motivate learning, and a method for evaluating the teaching-learning process. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to see the learner as an individual who, depending on age and experience, is motivated in different ways to achieve unique ends.

Course Format:  Textbook Oriented

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