Introduction to Leadership and Leaders
LE 501

Course Mentor: McElwee, Mark

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This is a study of the nature of leadership. It will introduce a practical definition of what leadership is, briefly consider the recent history of leadership research, reflect on changing paradigms in Christian leadership today, and study the differences between leadership and management. Particular focus is given to the nature of transformational leadership. The underlying purposes of the course are to: 1) provide students with an understanding of the nature of leadership and leaders, 2) lead the students in personal evaluations of their own roles as leaders and managers, 3) guide the students in making personal plans for their improvement as leaders, 4) give students a clear conceptual framework within which to understand the differences between leadership and management, along with the practical implications of those differences, and 5) increase students' critical thinking, writing skills and report preparation.

Course Format:  Lessons/Lectures

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Credit:3 credit hours
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