Christian Leadership Practicum
LE 511

Course Mentor: Joshua D. Reichard, PhD, DPhil, EdS

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This course is one of the required courses for students pursuing degrees in leadership. This course consists of a collage of practical learning experiences, dealing with the student's spiritual and character development in the context of relationships with others, on an ongoing basis throughout the degree program. It is designed to implement much of the content of the other courses in the lives of these students, pastors, chaplains, educators and church workers. Particular focus is given to create a context for life change in all the aspects of healthy leadership. The underlying purposes of the course are to: 1) lead the students in the development of their own spiritual lives, 2) lead the students in the development of their own relational lives in both areas of church and family life, 3) lead the students in the development of their own lives and ministries in the area of calling, and 4) increase students' capacity to take theoretical information and use it in a practical way to facilitate life change for themselves and others.

Course Format:  Lessons/Lectures

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Credit:3 credit hours
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