Marriage and Family Life: A Christian Perspective
CC 101

Course Mentor: Dr. Stan DeKoven

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The major focal point of this course will be upon the family as viewed as a social institution. We will be interested in the tacit dialogue between the institution of the family and that social situation of which the family is a part. This course provides a careful examination of the modern issues inherent in marital and family relationships; offers suggestions for treatment on an individual and church-wide basis; and provides numerous counseling resources. This course is specifically designed to encourage and help pastors, church workers and counseling students fully engage in the task of learning and growing in the knowledge of the development process of Christian families. A fundamental premise presented in this course is that the best kind of learning occurs when the student is actively involved in the process of learning. The best education consists not of simply knowing, but of becoming; that is, becoming all that God created us to be. The format of the course materials briefly examines the external structures of family life throughout the cycle of human existence, from a Christian perspective. It also teaches the student how to communicate and interact in more conscious, deliberate, and constructive ways. He or she can then become more fulfilled in his or her intimate relationships.

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