Marriage & Family Life II: Christian Parenting
CC 102

Course Mentor: Dr. Stan DeKoven

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CC 218 Marriage & Family II:

Parenting on Purpose from a Christian Perspective

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides a careful examination of the modern problems inherent in marital and family relationships, with special emphasis on parenting and its importance in church life. Rationale: Most of the minister's time is spent dealing with families. He must be well prepared to deal in an effective was by being totally familiar with the dynamics of marriage relations, and especially parenting Prerequisites: Marriage and Family Life I Program Objectives and Related Specific Objectives: Cognitive: 1. Have a working knowledge of the concepts and terms associated with parenting in modern culture. 2. Grasp the dynamics of parenting from a biblical perspective. 3. Awareness of the dynamics involved in successful adjustments in childrearing, discipline, and goal planning. 4. Be familiar with concepts relating to human development and their importance in positive parenting. Performance: 1. To be able to integrate the understanding of family dynamics with the Word of God. 2. To be able to develop teaching outlines for a class on parenting in the local church. 3. To be able to apply the knowledge of interpersonal relationships to the counseling situation with a family, as related to parenting. 4. To be able to discuss openly, the concepts of parenting in the family counseling situation or in premarital counseling. Preassessment: The student is to write a history of his family of origin detailing the interpersonal relationship between the parents and between the sibling with each other and with the parents. viucc218 CC 218 - Page 2 Instructional/Learning Activities 1. The student will read the text in its entirety, listen to the lecture tapes, and complete the student study guide. 2. Write a 3-5 page paper on a topic pertinent to the course. 3. The student will do collateral reading including a bibliography of books read. Self-evaluation: None Post Assessment: Reread the family history to see what changes in thinking have taken place as a result of taking this class. Corrective Learning Opportunities: N/A Learning Resources, Materials, Tools, Etc. Text: DeKoven, Stan E. Parenting on Purpose. Vision Publishing DeKoven, Stan E. Parenting on Purpose Tape Series. Vision Publishing. Outline/Description Prepared: By: Stan DeKoven. rev. 5/24/99. sh. Additional Bibliography Dobson, James. The Strong-Willed Child. Word. Dobson, James. Dare to Discipline. Word. viucc218

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